Why Healthy Minds Work?

Mental health is a crucial determinant to overall health. Since the place of work is a huge part of every employee’s life, the presence of multiple stressors at work can give rise to a range of problems in both personal and professional lives. In the same way, struggling to cope with stress caused by personal issues may decrease the ability of performing well at work.


Being heavily stressed or unhappy can lead to multiple physical illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, and also mental health problems such as burn-out, anxiety and depression.

Employees struggling with mental health problems may doubt their abilities or appear less confident. They may have a hard time concentrating, learning, and making decisions. They may also withdraw from others, act in unexpected ways, take a lot of time off, or appear less productive than usual.

Mental health problems cost employers huge losses due to absenteeism and presenteeism. Healthy Minds Work helps organisations to decrease these symptoms and together work for a healthy and bright future.

What does Healthy Minds Work offer?

Healthy Minds Work is a comprehensive programme offered by Richmond Foundation that helps organisations with safeguarding the overall well-being of their workforce by creating an inclusive and supportive working environment. It aims to diminish the possibility of employees developing the aforesaid issues by getting to know them, educating them and encouraging them to explore their struggles with a professional mental health practitioner.

We currently stand at having 73 organisations from various sectors benefitting from Healthy Minds Work.

Some of the sectors include:

  • Financial and insurance services
  • Customer and retail services
  • Security services
  • Healthcare
  • Software development
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Construction industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Gaming industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Legal