Healthy Minds Consult

Healthy Minds Consult guides and helps organisations with protecting the general well-being of their workforce. It also helps Management and HR personnel with maintaining a good relationship with their employees and with managing the difficult situations that might arise in the place of work.

Policy Implementation

The first step for organisations to show their workforce that they value mental health and intend to safeguard their overall well-being is having a good Mental Health Policy in place. Healthy Minds Consult helps organisations to develop and implement a tailored Mental Health Policy. The policy and infrastructure elements should be backed up by a usable methodology for implementing the policy.

Excessive stress and emotional dysregulation are two of the leading causes of multiple physical and mental illnesses. When the working environment is supportive and the job is fulfilling, employees feel engaged, valued and productive. It can also be a crucial part of recovery to those already suffering from mental health problems. It gives purpose and creates the perfect setting to make a contribution towards society.

Strong Workplace Policy and Infrastructure is at the core of good practice in promoting mental well-being at the workplace. In practice this means that organisations should have:

  • A policy that is clear, with strong provisions, that is well communicated to all employees.
  • A clear budget for implementing the policy.
  • A designated function (person or persons) who are responsible for the implementation of the policy.
  • A well-trained person or group with the necessary skills to implement the policy.
  • Strong leadership and high levels of employee support.

Support over the Phone (Management & HR Personnel)

Management or HR personnel of partnered organisations are invited to call Healthy Minds Work when faced with a difficult situation, such as an employee experiencing suicidal ideation. The team of Healthy Minds Work will assist the caller and guide them towards the correct handling of the situation.

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