Health Minds Know

Healthy Minds Know is an employee research tool that provides the organisation with detailed information gathered first-hand from its employees. It enables Directors, Managers and HR personnel to gain a detailed insight into the general well-being of their workforce and organisation as a whole.

Dysfunctional patterns and areas for improvement can be easily identified and targeted with Healthy Minds Know. Having this data at hand, facilitates the journey towards initiating healthy changes in hopes of bettering overall well-being and functioning of both the employees as individuals and the organisation as a system.

How is it done?

  • Health Minds Know is conducted via an online survey powered by Esprimi and linked to the Employee’s Voice Research.
  • The survey is sent directly to employees using a unique one-time use web link which is valid for one week.
  • Employees are asked to rate their general well-being through a series of statements. The survey explores different domains of well-being with different statements covering different aspects of each domain.
  • Healthy Minds Know benchmarks the employees’ perceptions through a structured and data-oriented approach.
  • The organisation can view a report of the gathered and analysed data.
  • The organisation receives comparative average scores to reflect the organisations’ ranking vis-a’-vis other organisations from the same field.
  • Year-on-Year reporting is provided to the organisation to monitor change over time.

Get in touch to explore taking the research

Get in touch to explore taking the research in your company or organisation