Living with Mental Illness

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This book explores the challenges and social implications of living with a mental health condition. 18 original works of art illustrating mental illness are presented in this book, allowing the reader to understand what it feels to live with such a condition. This book also aims to increase mental health awareness and literacy and hopes to install courage in those who out of fear of being stigmatised do not seek appropriate support.



Foreword by President Emeritus, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca: “This book is the result of the collaboration between Alexei Sammut, a psychiatric nurse and academic by profession and well-established modern contemporary artist Anthony Calleja. Anthony needs little introduction in the local and international art scene, with an impressive artistic career spanning over 35 years. This collaboration allowed the artist to express his views regarding the behaviour of mankind and the implications of living with mental illness, whilst allowed Alexei to share his keen interest in increasing mental health awareness and in the targeting of stigma related to mental illness.”